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28th Annual Reading & Writing Conference

You will have the unique opportunity to exchange information with other teachers, researchers, administrators, and a host of others along the Wasatch Front while you gain insight from leading instructors in the fields of reading and writing. The 1 1/2- day conference delivers imaginative, thought-provoking strategies that you can take back to your classroom. Attending will enrich your teaching efforts with new strategies to engage your students and increase their literacy.


Hosted By

  • The Jerry and Vickie Moyes College of Education
  • Continuing Education
  • Utah State Office of Education
  • DATE
    June 15-16, 2012
    Weber State University Sky Suites
  • COST
    $75 - Non-Credit and USOE In-Service Credit
    $210 - Undergraduate Credit:
    Educ 4920
    $210 - Post-Baccalaureate Credit: Educ 5920
    $220 - Grad: Educ 6920

I loved all of the examples and ideas. Totally enjoyable!