Earn college credit for passing a national test for certain high school subjects.


  • Demonstrate your determination and capability for rigorous college work.
  • Earn up to eight college credits per AP exam, reducing your time in college.
  • You can complete university general education or elective credits before you come to the university, and possible reduce your time in college.
  • You can earn up to eight college credits per exam for AP scores of 3, 4, or 5 (check the WSU AP credit site for score credit)


  • Pay $70-$110 for each exam.
  • If you pass the class but not the test, you forfeit the exam fee.
  • Mark your springtime calendar and don’t miss your AP test date; there’s only one.
  • Pick general education or elective AP classes; AP may not count toward your major.
  • Ask if your college program accepts AP credit—some require letter grades, not pass/fail.

Learn more about AP Exams at Weber State University.