Concurrent Enrollment

What is concurrent enrollment ?

Weber State University’s Concurrent Enrollment Program lets eligible students earn WSU credit and high school credit for designated concurrent high school courses.

  • Receive college credit and pay NO tuition
  • Attend classes at your own high school
  • Complete an associate’s degree during high school
  • Transfer credits to any public Utah college or university and some private universities.
  • Become eligible for the New Century or Centennial scholarships

Who can join the program?

Honestly, concurrent enrollment isn’t for everyone. Because you’re receiving college credit, you’ll probably need to spend extra time and effort on these classes to be successful.

How much does Concurrent Enrollment cost?

Nothing! The state of Utah pays your fees while you’re in high school. This saves you and your parents over $500 per college class. Some high schools may require you to pay for textbooks or other class materials though, so be sure to check on that.

Why do I get college credit for these classes?

WSU has approved concurrent enrollment classes and instructors from your high school to offer college credit to successful students. The class content matches what is taught at WSU, and your performance as a student must match what is expected of other successful WSU students. Your concurrent credit also can be transferred to the other public colleges in Utah. If you want to do this, be sure to check with your college about its policy for accepting WSU concurrent enrollment credit.

Do these classes go on my permanent record?

Yes. Concurrent enrollment classes create a permanent college grade report (transcript) that will follow you after high school. Low grades (C- or lower) may result in suspension from the concurrent enrollment program and could hurt your eventual college acceptance, so be prepared to do your best work.

Am I considered a WSU student?

No, but you will have WSU class work experience, complete real college credit, and a transcript will be waiting for you when you attend WSU after high school.

What are the rules?

As a concurrent enrollment student, you must follow the WSU Code of Conduct. Violations may result in failing grades and notifying the university of your conduct. Review these codes so you know the expectations: Ask your teacher/counselor for a copy or visit

I’m interested, so now what?

Your teacher will distribute registration forms at a later date. If you understand the expectations for participating in this program and wish to be included, sign the agreement on the back of your registration form and return it to your teacher before the deadline.

Need More Information?

Contact your high school teacher or counselor or visit us online at Click the student/parent tab for available classes at each high school.