Early College

What is early college ?

Early College is a Weber State University (WSU) program for high school juniors and seniors capable of university work. In Early College, you come to campus and take classes with university freshmen and sophomores for both university and high school credit. Early college isn’t for everyone. Because you’re receiving college credit, you’ll probably spend extra time and effort on these classes to be successful.

Am I considered a WSU student?

You will be considered a regular university student and will have access to all services available to other university students. You will be able to get a WSU student ID card.

What’s the difference between Early College and Concurrent Enrollment?

Early College and Concurrent Enrollment are NOT the same thing. Weber State University admits academically qualified high school junior and senior students into the Early College Program to participate in university courses on Weber State University campuses while enrolled in high school. Concurrent Enrollment coordinates the activities of high school teachers with the university and grants college credit for classes taken in the high school. High school students may participate in both Early College and Concurrent Enrollment.

Both programs grant both high school and college credit. Most Utah public schools award one credit for each three WSU Early College credit hours. Check with your high school for high school credits awarded for WSU Concurrent Enrollment courses.

How much does Early College cost?

Students who are admitted for Early College will pay regular tuition for the courses in which they enroll. You also pay a one-time non-refundable $30 admission fee. Early College students will be admitted as non-degree seeking and will not be eligible for financial aid through Weber State University until they (or their class) graduate from high school. Talk with an Early College advisor to learnabout available scholarship opportunities.

Will I need help from my high school counselor?

Yes! Work closely with your high school counselor and one of the WSU Early College academic advisors. They’ll coordinate your course schedule to meet your high school graduation requirements, and they’ll answer your questions so you can succeed.

When are Early College Applications Due?

Early College applications are due two weeks before the start of the new university semester.

Fall Semester: Applications are due mid-August
Spring Semester: Applications are due mid-December
Summer Semester: Applications are due mid-April

Contact the Early College office for more information.

For Parents:

Early College is a great opportunity for your child to make a smooth transition from high school to college with a great deal of support from the Early College Advisors. You can help your child be successful in the Early College program:

  • Learn as much as you can about the program.
  • Carefully read all correspondence from the Early College office with your son/daughter.
  • Encourage your son/daughter to work closely with Early College advisors.
  • Make sure your child attends the WSU new student orientation.