Course Withdrawals

Semester-Based Online*
  • Students can withdraw from individual classes online according to the deadlines on the Academic Calendar.

Self-Paced Online*
  • Individual courses may be dropped within the first ninety days after registration (see the refund polilcy).
  • You may withdraw from all courses in a semester until the last day of coursework (before finals) by signing the complete withdrawal form at the Registration Office.
  • If you drop all your courses, a notation  "Registered and withdrew" will appear on your transcript.
  • You will not receive grades for the courses affected by your withdrawal.

*If you are on Financial Aid you were awarded your assistance based on a certain number of credit hours for the semester. If you do not successfully complete the number of credit hours per semester that your award was based on you may jeopardize future funding and must arrange with the Financial Aid Office to "make up" the hours/courses or risk losing your aid altogether.

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