MLS On-Campus Student Information Form

If you are an on-campus MLS student, please fill in the following information:

   The information we are requesting is very important to us. It will be stored in your student records file and in an electronic database in the MLS Department, in accordance with the WSU information security policy. Your information will be used only by the faculty and staff of the MLS Department.
 Make sure you have all the information you need for each question before you begin.
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       MLT (2 year A.A.S. program)      MLS (4 year B.S. program)  
Are you Pre-professional (i.e. medical, dental, veterinary, or physician assistant)?:

     Person to notify in case of emergency:

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NOTE:  After you hit the Submit button, you cannot come back to this form and change any data, so make sure what you have is correct before continuing.  You will be graded on your responses (just kidding!)
Thanks for your time.  MLS Department