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Below is a list of sample questions for you to use in practicing for an job interview.  The last category contains examples of questions to ask an interviewer.


    1. Behavior-Based
    • Ability to Manage Stress
      • Give me an instance when you felt most pressured and stressed during college.

    • Administrative Skills
      • What do you do to ensure your goals and objectives are met in a timely way?
      • How do you go about organizing your work and scheduling your time?

    • Communication Skills
      • Describe the last time someone misunderstood what you were trying to communicate. How did you discover the misunderstanding? In what ways were you misunderstaood? How had the other person misinterpreted your message?
      • Describe the occasion when you felt best about your ability to draw out and solicit feedback from another person.

    • Fostering Teamwork
      • What did you do in your last position to contribute to team success?

    • Influencing Others
      • Tell me about the last time someone made an unreasonable request of you. How did you handle the situation? What was the outcome?
      • Tell me about a time when you were most persuasive in overcoming resistance to a point of view.

    • Intellectual Capacity
      • What college course gave you the most trouble?
      • How do you keep yourself up-to-date on developments in your major field of study?

    • Internal Contol and Self-Esteem
      • Describe a situation where you gave it your all, but failed. What was the situation? Why did you choose the particular course of action? What options did you consider? How did you bounce back? In retrospect, what would yo do diferently?

    • Internal Control and Self-Esteem
      • Tell me about the last time you made a decision that back-fired.

    • Interpersonal Style and Competencel
      • Tell me about the most difficult person with whom you have worked.

    • Motivation
      • What has been your most significant work or school related accomplishment within the past year?

    • Personal Growth and Adaptability
      • Tell me about the last time you were criticized by a professor or supervisor. Was the criticism valid? How did you handle the situation? How did you defend yourself against the criticism? What did you learn from the situation?
      • Describe an incident where you had a disagreement or clash with someone in your office.

    2. Personal
    • Would you be successful working on a team?
    • Why should we hire you?
    • Have you ever had any failures? What did you learn from them?
    • What kind of boss do you prefer?
    • What do you consider to be your greatest strengths?
    • Tell me about yourself.
    • What motivates you most in a job?
    • Why did you choose to interview with our organization?
    • Describe your ideal job.
    • How does your college education and work experience relate to this job?

    3. Education
    • Do your grades accurately reflect your ability? Why or why not?
    • Why did you choose to attend Weber State University?
    • In which campus activities did you participate?
    • Which course did you like the most? Least? Why?
    • If you were to start over, what would you change about your education?
    • What other types of positions are you considering?
    • How do you think a former supervisor would describe your work?

    4. Experience
    • Have you ever done any volunteer work? What kind?
    • Did you work while going to school? In what positions?
    • What do you feel has been your most significant work/school related accomplishment over the past year.

    5. Knowledge of the Organization
    • What do you know about our organization?

    6. Skills/Abilities
    • Are you able to work on several assignments at once?
    • Have you ever spoken before a group of people?
    • What job-related skills have you developed?

    7. Career Goals
    • Are you willing to work flextime?
    • How do you feel about the possibility of relocating?
    • Do you plan to return to school to further your education?
    • How do you feel about working overtime?
    • Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?
    • How do you feel about travel?

    8. Question to Ask Employers
    • What kinds of assignments might I expect in the first several months of the job?

    8. Questions to Ask Employers
    • Is this a new position or am I replacing someone?
    • What is the next course of action? When should I expect to hear from you or would you like me to contact you?
    • What qualities are you looking for in the candidate who fills this position?
    • Has there been much turnover in this job area?
    • What do you like best about your company?
    • What is the usual promotional time frame?
    • Could you please tell me more about (an aspect of the job you would like to learn more about).
    • What is the largest single problem facing your staff now?
    • Where does this position fit into your organizational structure?
    • Do you offer flextime?
    • Have you cut your staff in the last three years?
    • Do you have plans for expansion?
    • How often are performance reviews given?
    • Does your company encourage further education?
    • How much travel, if any, is involved in this position?
    • May I talk with the last person who held this position?


    Weber State University, Career Services, Ogden, Utah 84408-1105,
    (801) 626-6393,