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Flexible Degree Options

Flexible Degree Options

"I work at night and want classes that are close to home."
If you're a morning person, solar-powered, and like to get up and get it done, then daytime classes are right for you.
  • 200+ degree programs to advance your education, career and lifestyle
  • The largest variety of WSU courses and programs are offered during the day.
  • Day classes are offered at the Ogden and Davis Campuses and the West Center.
  • All campus and student services are available during the day.
"I'm too busy during the day."
Work during the day or too busy caring for your family? Weber State offers over 18 full programs in the evening or on the weekend to fit your schedule.
  • Most classes meet just one night per week so there's less commuting and free parking after 4:00 p.m.
  • Plenty of classes available for those who work during the day.
  • More days between classes means more time to study.
  • Easier to find parking.
"I don't have time to come to campus."
We know your life is busy with work, home, and family. WSU Online lets you schedule your classes around your life. No commute and no shoes required because the last thing you need is one more place to get to.
  • Complete coursework when it's most convenient for your schedule.
  • Study at your own pace, when it works best for you.
  • Minimum or no time time on campus helps you avoid parking hassle.
"I don't want to be tied to a semester schedule."
Classes that let you work on your degree from anywhere in the world. Start anytime and take up to six months to complete a course.
  • Complete coursework when it's most convenient for you.
  • No waiting for semester start dates: classes start anytime.
  • No trips to campus required, from testing to textbooks, everything is completed offsite.
"I want to complete classes faster and attend class less."
Classes that are completed in just seven weeks. With one night on campus per week, per class, you do the rest of the work online.
  • Hybrids combine the benefits of classroom instruction with the convenience of online courses.
  • Save time and gas with less commuting.
  • Complete coursework online when it's most convenient for you.
"I can't decide which degree is right for me."
Changed your major a few times? The Weber State BIS degree is a great way to combine those credits into a unique three-area program and complete your bachelor's degree. BIS is an interdisciplinary degree that lets you choose three areas of emphasis.
  • From Art to Zoology, choose from over 50 academic departments.
  • Design a unique degree, one that is tailored to your specific career goals.
  • It's like earning a degree in your three favorite subjects.

Campus Locations: Conveniently close to you.


Ogden Campus

3848 Harrison Blvd., Ogden
801-626-6000 | weber.edu

Davis Campus

2750 N. University Park Blvd., Layton
801-395-3473 | weber.edu/davis

West Center

5627 S 3500 W, Roy
801-689-4WSU | weber.edu/west
  • Enrollment Services
  • Academic Advising
  • Free Math Tutoring
  • Testing Center
  • Student Computer Lab
  • Life & Learning Workshops
  • Study Areas and Free Parking
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Information
  • Wireless Internet

Morgan Center

241 East Young St., Morgan
801-829-3136 | weber.edu/morgan
  • Enrollment Services
  • Testing (Chi and Accuplacer)
  • WSU catalogs, Financial Aid Information,
    and General Information
  • General Education Classes

Kaysville Center

325 South Main, Rm 1301, Kaysville
801-402-8961 | weber.edu/kaysville
  • Enrollment Services
  • Student Computers
  • Free Math Tutoring
  • General Education Classes

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