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ISTE 29th Annual Rocky Mountain Rendezvous
Don’t miss out on the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous …

A rendezvous is an appointment at a specified time and place. In the old American West, a rendezvous was a time when trappers, Native Americans, and traders would come together for a few days annually to exchange goods and services. It was a time when ideas were shared, when new relationships were formed and old ones renewed. The 2009 ISTE conference is an opportunity for professionals from around the world, interested in the betterment and enhancement of teacher education, to come together to share and exchange ideas on how teacher education is facing challenges in the 21st century.


Weber State University campus

The ISTE 2009 seminar will be held on the Weber State University (WSU) campus in Ogden, Utah. WSU is located in the northern part of the state nestled against the Wasatch Mountains, the western most range of the Rocky Mountains, about 36 miles north of Salt Lake City. The Ogden campus covers more than 500 acres and offers 37 academic buildings and two residences. More than 18,000 students study full- and part-time. WSU prides itself on its excellent teaching, extraordinary commitment to meeting the needs of students at every stage of life, and ongoing service to the community.

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October, 2008

Weber State University, Conferences
Ogden, Utah 84408
(801) 626-6600