How to Get Started With Your Online Class

Step 1: Register for a Class

Step 2: Get Your Textbooks

  • Online instructors expect you to be ready on day 1. This includes having required textbooks!
  • Check the bookstore website to see which books are required for your class.

Step 3: Make Sure Your Computer is Up To Par

Step 4: Check Your Wildcat Mail

There are 2 ways to access your Wildcat mail.

  1. >Go to and login with your eWeber username and password

    >Click the Wildcat Mail icon located on the top right hand side of the screen
  2.  >Open a web browser and type in

    >Type in your eWeber username and password

    >Click OK

Step 5: Login to WSU Online

  • Login directly to WSU Online by going to and typing in your Wildcat Username and Password. OR
  • You can also log into the eWeber portal, click on the Student Service tab, and then click “Access your course through WSU Online” located under My Courses.
  • Login to your course FREQUENTLY.

Note: The first time you login to WSU Online you will receive the following Security Warning: "The application digital signature has an error. Do you want to run the application?" Check the box next to Always trust content from this publisher and click RUN.

Step 6: Get Help

Contacting Us...

Registration & General Questions
1-800-848-7770, Option 4


Tech Support for Online Classes
(1-800-848-7770, Option 5 then 1)


Tech Support for
eMail and Password Reset
1-800-848-7770, Option 5 then 1


1-800-848-7770, Option 4