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Institutional Certificate
Health Care Coding and Classification


Curriculum Schedule

The Institutional Certificate can be obtained in 4 semesters using the recommended curriculum schedule (below). Contact the health care coding program coordinator at 801-626-7242 for an advisement appointment and/or a course catalog.

Recommended Course Sequence:

Institutional Certificate in Health Care Coding and Classification
Prerequisites (6 credit hours)
Hths 1101* Medical Terminology 2
Hths 1110* Biomedical Core I 4
Required Courses (21 credit hours)
Hths 1111* Biomedical Core II 4
Hths 2230 Introduction to Pathophysiology 3
Hths 2240/3240 Introduction to Pharmacology 3
HIM 2300 Diagnosis Coding 3
HIM 2320 Ambulatory & Physician Office Coding 3
HIM 2330 Classification Systems Topics & Reimbursement 2
HIM 2410 ICD-10-PCS Coding 2
HIM 2863 Professional Practice Experience in coding 1

Associate of Applied Science - Health Information Management

Bachelor of Science - Health Administrative Services

*Students with no college experience may be more successful if they take their first basic course or two, such as human anatomy and human physiology, in a traditional campus setting before starting the online courses.



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