CBC and Differential Results


Patient Values

Normal Values
WBC 75.6x10│/mm│ 3.9-10.0x10│/mm│
RBC 2.41x10│/mm│ 4.40x5.90x106 /mm│
Hb 7.0gm/dl 14-18gm/dl
Hct 21.0% 40-52%
MCV 87 fl 80-94 fl
MCH 29.0 pg. 27-31 pg.
MCHC 33.3 gm/dl 31-36 gm/dl
Platelets 29x10│/ÁL 150-400x10│/ÁL

Differential Smear


Instructors Notes:  The differential smear shows the majority of the WBC's to be abnormal, immature blasts.   The red blood cells are microcytic (smaller than normal size)  and hypochromic (decreased hemoglobin making the red blood cells appear pale in the center).  The arrow points to a nucleated red blood cell, a precursor cell to a normal red blood cell.

Differential Count

  Patient Normal Value
Band 0% 0-5%
Neutrophil 3% 54-62%
Lymphocyte 0% 20-40%
Monocyte 0% 4-10%
Eosinophil 0% 1-3%
Basophil 0% 0-1%
Blasts 97% 0%

Instructors Notes:  There is a proliferation of immature WBC's.  The bone marrow is overwhelmed in making abnormal cells and therefore decreases production of RBC's, platelets, and normal WBC's.   The WBC count is extremely high due to the proliferation of the abnormal WBC's while the RBC and platelet counts are low.   The differential reflects the majority of the WBC's are blasts, which are not normally found in the peripheral blood.