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Courses Offered
Summer & Fall 2014

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European Studies Minor
     Welcome to the WSU European Studies Minor. This program is interdisciplinary, in that students are required to take courses from a number of departments in order to complete the minor. It is also very flexible, allowing students to mix and match courses that will integrate thier interests and thier talents.


Prerequisite: Students must complete two years of college study of a European language, other than the students' native language, or demonstrate equivalent proficiency before they may begin the minor.
Complete these courses: FL 1010 (3), FL 1020 (3), FL 2010 (3), FL HU2020 (3)
or:     demonstrate proficiency through an interview with a faculty advisor
or:     successfully complete an upper division course with a "C" or better

Minimum Grade Requirement: You must earn a "C" or better in all courses required for the minor (a "C-" is not acceptable).

Credit Hour Requirement: For the minor, a minimum of 18 credit hours is required in addition to two years of college study (or the equivalent) of a European language. Courses taken as part of the student's major will not count for fulfillment of the minor requirement. Of the total 18 credit hours, only six may be taken in the same department.

Core Requirements (6 credit hours)

I.              Select one course (3 credit hours) from the following:

  • FL 3320         Language & Culture of Europe (3)

II.     Select two courses (6 credit hours) from the following; courses may NOT be from the same department:

  • HIST 4220         Europe: History of the Middle Ages 300-1300 (3)
  • HIST 4230         Europe: Renaissance & Reformation 1300-1600 (3)
  • HIST 4240         Europe: Absolution, Enlightenment & Revolution 1660-1815 (3)
  • HIST 4250         Nineteenth Century Europe (3)
  • HIST 4260         Twentieth Century Europe (3)
  • GEOG 3590      Geography of Europe (3)
  • POLS 3210       Politics & Government of Europe (3)

Elective Requirements (9 credit hours)
Select nine additional credit hours from the following programs and departments as approved by the program coordinator. Courses selected and approved from these departments must have explicit European emphasis and content.

               Anthropology                Geography
               Communication            History
               English                          Honors
               Foreign Languages       Political Science
               Performing Arts             Philosophy
               Business & Economics  Sociology

Courses Offered Summer 2014

Some of these courses have prerrequisites which, in most situations, will not be waived for European Studies students.

ENGL 4620  British Lit: Renaissance
ENGL 4640  British Lit: Victorian
ENGL 4640 Eminent Authors/Ian McEwan

HIST 4250 Nineteenth Century Europe 
HIST 4260  Twentieth Century Europe

SPAN 3060  Grammar & Composition
SPAN 3160  Introduction to Literature
SPAN 3570 Musical Heritage of Latin America
SPAN 3570 Post Revolutionary Mexico 
SPAN 3630  Hispanic Poetry

Courses Offered Fall 2014

Some of these courses have prerrequisites which, in most situations, will not be waived for European Studies students.

ANTH 4990 Old World Prehistory 

ENGL 3010 Intro to Linguistics
ENGL 3030 Structure of English
ENGL 3040 History of the English Language
ENGL 3050 Grammar/Style/Usage in Adv
ENGL 3500 HU Studies in Shakespeare
ENGL 3730 Irish Literature
ENGL 4610 British Lit: Midieval
ENGL 4630 British Lit: Neoclassic/Romantic
ENGL 4640 British Lit: Victorian
ENGL 4650 British Lit: Modern

FRCH 3060  Grammar & Composition
FRCH 3320  Language in Art & Architecture
FRCH 3630  French Short Stories

GRMN 3320 Advanced Conversation
GRMN 3570 Intercultural Explorations
GRMN 3710 Business Language I  

HIST 4240 Europe 1600-1815 
HIST 4310 History of Russia to 1917 
HIST 4320  Russia since 1917
HIST 4330  History of England to 1485
HIST 4070 U.S History since 1945 (First Block)
This last course, HIST 4070, will be taught by Dr. Georg Schild, a visiting professor for the University of Tubingen.

PHIL 3010  History of Philosophy: Classical/Medieval

Political Science
POLS 3210 Politics & Governments of Europe

PTGS 3060 Grammar & Composition 

SPAN 3060  Grammar & Composition
SPAN 3160  Introduction to Literature
SPAN 3220  Phonetics & Phonology
SPAN 3320  Advanced Conversation
SPAN 3360  Advanced Grammar
SPAN 3550  Cultural Heritage of Spain
SPAN 3570 Immigration in Film 
SPAN 3610 Early Spanish Literature 
SPAN 3710  Business Spanish I
SPAN 3720 Medical Spanish I 
SPAN 3740 Spanish for Law Enforcement 
SPAN 3740  Translation/Interpreting I
SPAN 4690  Don Quixote



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