Standardizing Data  
in Lynx (Banner)

Revision 14 Jan. 2005

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Searching for a Record
    A.  Search by Lynx ID
    B.  Search by Legacy ID (STAARS, HRS, TRE, etc.)
    C.  Search by Name using XXXIDEN
    D.  Searcy by using SOAIDNS
    Search by Social Security Number using GUIALTI
    F.  Search for Association using GUASYST

  3. Adding a Record

  4. Modifying or Changing a Record

2. D.  Search by Social Security Number using GUIALTI

You have learned that you can search for a person in the system by using SOAIDEN and SOAIDNS.  The final search method is GUIALTI, the SSN/SIN Alternate ID Search Form. 

GUIALTI can be selected via the Option List which will pop up if you click the Search icon on the ID/Name field on SPAIDEN.  This form has Case Sensitivity radio buttons that default to No.

  1. If you have a social security number, search by using GUIALTI.  Type GUIALTI in the general main menu window, as shown below, and press Enter.


  2. Type in the Social Security number and click on the Execute Query icon or click on Execute under the Query drop-down menu.  As you can see, Cherrie G. is the gal we're searching for based on a positive match between SSN and Lynx ID and  Legacy ID.  Note that "P" in the Entity field stands for person and "C" stands for non-person.

F.  Search for Association using GUASYST