P-Card Recertification Just Got Easier

Haven’t taken your recertification yet?  Good news!  It’s now easier – you don’t have to register because you’re already enrolled!  Also, you can access it through the WSU Faculty/Staff portal.  Just follow these simple instructions:

1.      Log into the Faculty/Staff portal http://portal.weber.edu using your GroupWise User
ID and Password.

2.      Add the “Online training through Vista” link to your Purple Bar (see instructions* below).

3.      Click on the “Online training through Vista” link on your Purple Bar.

4.      Enter your Novell User ID and Password (this is only necessary for your first log-in and when you change your Novell User ID and/or Password).  Mac users will need to get their Novell User ID and Password by calling extension 7777.

5.      A new window will open WebCT Vista. 

6.      Under “Course List,” select the course you need to complete by clicking on the course name, which is hyperlinked to the course material.  Recertification needs to be done by 1 November 2004. 

P-Card Training:
Number/Name of Course

Estimated Completion Time

Required For:

#130-03/P-Card Program Recertification

30 minutes

P-Card holders

#130-04/Reconciler and Supervisor P-Card Program Recertification

15 minutes

·         P-Card reconcilers

·         Supervisors who approve P-Card statements

#130-05/P-Card Travel Program Recertification

45 minutes

Anyone who uses the P-Card for travel

7.      After you pass the test, completion will be recorded in Training Tracker (allow 1 week).


* Instructions for Adding the “Online training through Vista” Link to Your Purple Bar

     Click on Preferences from the purple links bar on the left.


     Choose Quick Links from the buttons across the top of the page (these are lined up under the word Preferences)


     Check the box (by clicking on it once with your cursor) beside the words Online training through Vista

Online training through Vista

Managed login to the online training area of WebCT Vista.


     Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page to save the new setting.