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P.E.E.R. is an educational program established by Services for Women Students to help educate and promote an awareness on campus about sexual assault. P.E.E.R. is an excellent source for information and community referral.

Services for Women Students is dedicated to providing all students with an enriching and safe experience at Weber State University. In today's culture, it has become imperative that individuals understand the parameters of appropriate sexual behavior and advocate for sexual safety. Learn to take a stand against violence, of any form. Let your voice be heard! You have tremendous power to influence those around you through your words, actions and behaviors. You can impact the lives of men and women by becoming involved with P.E.E.R.s.

Carol Merrill, Coordinator for Services for Women Students

As a journalism student, I know that the best defense against injustice is education and awareness. P.E.E.R. is an uncanny resource for students and educators alike, and I'm proud to be part of it.

Fife Tschudy, P.E.E.R. Educator

In my experience, P.E.E.R.s has educated, informed and challenged me. I want to speak out against rape. Education is the key to understanding; it dispels the myths that people have about sexual assault.

Lyndsey Udall, P.E.E.R. Educator

The Truth About Sexual Assault: How much do you really know?

Click above to join P.E.E.R.s student organization or call 626-6090 for more information.

General Facts

Sexual Assault
Facts about Sexual Assault
Violence Against Women Statistics
Facts and Statistics
on Sexual Assault


Definitions of rape
How to Help
Rape Awareness for Nice Guys
Victims Rights
What to Do?

Date Rape

Date Rape from Rape Recovery Center
Date Rape
Acquaintance Rape

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