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Case Study 1

Study Guide developed by Karla Porter, M.Ed.

The content of this web page was developed as an aid to either student or entry level teachers who have immediate need in their classroom for information related to reading or for anyone wishing to further understand this general topic area.

This web site is being evaluated and updated during this development phase. Please contact the WSU Development Team Coordinator, Dr. Vicki Napper, with comments or suggestions for this web page. All contacts and comments welcome.

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Case Study 1

Read the following scenario and formulate your best strategies to help this student.  After you write out your strategies, then go to the index page for this case study.  The index page contains links to information that will help you assess your strategies and gain a deeper understanding of this case.

Jeremy was a student in my summer classroom for struggling readers. He would enter the eighth grade in the fall, and an informal reading inventory suggested his reading level to be several levels lower. In my first conference with Jeremy, he shared with me that he was a good reader and was often called upon to read orally in class. After looking and predicting the content of the upcoming pages he would read to me, Jeremy was quite talkative and excited. His reading was rhythmic and generally true to text. Although his accuracy rate was about 89%, I had trouble making sense of his retelling of the story. His oral reading of a sample of the text was reasonably accurate, but his comprehension was minimal. I was concerned that Jeremy's notion of reading was focused only on fluency. Because of his apparent ease and confidence with oral reading skills, he believed he was a good reader and saw no need for strategy instruction to help with his comprehension.

What would you do?


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