Senior Citizens Pricing for Academic Courses

In just three easy steps, you can take as many academic courses as you'd like for just $10 total each semester. Here's how!

  1. If you're interested in taking any academic courses just for personal enrichment, please visit the Admissions Office on campus in the Student Services Center (SC 101) to complete the official WSU Admissions form. They will process your form and code you as a Senior Citizen, non-degree seeking, lifetime student. No Admissions fee is required!

    *According to Admissions Policy 6-2-III-D-8 . . . Senior citizens (62 years or older and have been a Utah resident for 12 consecutive months) will not be required to pay an admission fee. They will be required to complete a registration form and obtain instructor permission for each course they attend, and the course will not appear on a transcript of credits.
  2. Visit the Registrar's Office (SC101) right next door to the Admissions Office to pick up the Add/Drop form. On this form, list the class(es) you are interested in taking. The Registrar's Office can help you find what instructors are teaching specific classes and provide instructor contact information to assist you further.
  3. Take this form to the instructor(s) for an approval and signature. If space is available in the class you're interested in taking, the instructor will let you know and sign the Add/Drop form. Once you've received instructor approval, take the Add/Drop form to the Cashier's Office (SC209) upstairs from the Admissions Office, and pay just $10 for a whole semester of classes. What a deal!


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