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Health Administrative Services
Alumni Survey


1) When did you graduate from the Weber State University Health Administrative Services program?
2) Which of the following BEST describes what you are currently doing professionally?
3) Please rank in terms of being most instrumental in learning about the job you held after graduation.
University career placement center
College counselor/advisor
Faculty at WSU outside HAS
Faculty within HAS
Parent or relative
Newspaper/trade publication
Professional meeting
Another student/friend
Recruited by employer
Public/private employment agency
4) As a HAS major, please indicate your satisfaction:
  Satisfied   Dissatisfied   Very
Quality of contact with faculty        
Quantity of contact with faculty        
Academic advising        
Professional/Career advising        
Career planning        
Stewart Library        
Financial aid services        
Extracurricular activities        
Campus social life        
Health services        
5) Indicate any problems in obtaining your first job after graduation:
  Not a
Deciding what I wanted to do      
Knowing how to find job openings      
Scheduling interviews      
Writing a resume, vita, cover letter      
Finding a job that paid enough      
Completing job applications      
Finding a job for which I was prepared      
Finding a job where I wanted to live      
Finding the kind of job I wanted      
Race/Sex discrimination      
Lack of job skills      
Other (specify)      


6) How long did it take you to obtain your first full-time job after graduating from this program?
7) How many full-time jobs have you held since graduation?
8a) If unemployed at this time, indicate the main reason:
8b) How long have you been actively seeking employment:
8d) If "lack of specific job skills" has been a problem, specify the skills needed:
9a) Are you currently employed in Health Services (Care) Management or Health Promotion?
No (skip the next question)  Yes
9b) What is your position/title (if you answered yes to the previous question)?
10) Which of the following represents the PRIMARY reason you are NOT currently employed in a health service-related organization?
11a) Is your health care organization classified as:
11b) Into which of the following type of settings/organizations would your health care organization BEST be classified?
12) Overall, how would you rate your level of preparation by WSU's Health Administrative Services program?
13) Based upon your experience, check five (5) Health Administrative Services skills/abilities/knowledge with which undergraduate students should become MOST familiar:
Human resource management
Federal regulatory systems
State regulatory laws
Financial analysis and budgetary systems
Health services research
Quality assurance/quality improvement
Health care marketing
Health care for special populations
Health care economics
Program evaluation
General supervisory theory
Community health
Interpersonal communications
Other (specify) 
14) What is the highest degree that you have completed in preparation for your health occupation?
15) Is your highest degree in a health-related area?
No   Yes (specify)
16) What is your age?
17) If you are EMPLOYED FULL TIME, which of the following best represents your salary range per year?
18) In which state are you currently residing?





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