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The People

Dr. John Cavitt

John Cavitt is a Professor of Zoology at Weber State University (http://faculty.weber.edu/jcavitt/).  John and his students have spent the last 12 years studying the behavior and ecology of Great Salt Lake aquatic birds. 






Jeff Cowlishaw

Jeff is a senior at Weber State University majoring in Zoology. The summer of 2014 is his first time working with the Avian Ecology Lab. He hopes to work in the field of wildlife biology following his graduation in the Spring of 2015.








Javier Paniagua

Javier is a Biology student from Universidad Autonoma of Nayarit in Mexico. He has been working with birds since 2012 and is currently working on his thesis, "The Importance of Riparian Vegetation for Birds" in two main rivers from Nayarit State. Inline with his studies, Javier has gained more knowledge on North American shorebirds and their migration habits during his participation in the American Avocet Migration Project.



Josh Hall

Josh is a senior Zoology student at WSU. He has worked at the Avian Ecology Lab for the last two years primarily studying American Avocet incubation patterns. He is currently applying to medical school and hopes to start in Fall of 2015.